For time:

Thrusters @ 40kg | 25kg

*rest 60sec

Thrusters @ 40kg | 25kg

*rest 60sec

Thrusters @ 40kg | 25kg

Workout Rationale

This is a play on Games Workout “Frantasy Land” which was originally introduced back in 2014 for the teams event, each team consisting of 6 athletes. Rich Froning and James Hobart however showed it can be done as individual athletes as well, raising the bar once more for what is expected from top level athletes.
In comparison to the original “Frantasy Land”, this workout removes bar-muscle-ups, starts on a lower rep scheme, introduces a short break in between sections and keeps the same barbell weight throughout the workout, making it slightly less daunting for the average athlete. However, the stimulus should be the same – High volume work with a total of 162 reps split between a light barbell thruster and technically increasing gymnastics.
With the barbell staying at the same weight, athletes can focus on a better workout flow and not worry about changing plates and increasing barbell weight.
Introducing a rest period between the 3 sections of the workout provides enough rest to ensure good form is kept over all movements and adds an opportunity for athletes to go harder than expected. You should “earn” the rest, so work hard during each section and don’t waste time on the transitions. 
Brace yourself, this one gets rough.

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