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Thrusters [ 40kg | 25kg ]

Double Unders


To complete the workout, complete 21 thrusters followed by 42 double unders, 15 thrusters followed by 30 double unders and finally 9 thrusters followed by 18 double unders.

Workout Rationale


A “low-impact” sprint.

With a light barbell and less than 100 double-unders on the board, this is a great addition to add to either the start of your routine, or at the very end. Guaranteed to get your heart rate spiked.

Focus should be on quick transitions and perfecting your timing on the breath for each thruster-rep: exhale as you drive the bar up, inhale as you hit the top and start to pull the bar back down.

There is a total of 135 reps in this workout and should take the average athlete between 5-8 min to complete.

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