10x Front Squats @ 70kg | 50kg
10x Strict Pull-Ups

Workout Rationale


A great athlete moves fast, an even greater athlete moves fast, with control.

This workout is known as a couplet, the pairing of 2 movements, namely the front squat and the strict pull-up.

The crux of this workout lies in the pull-ups. At a glance, it seems easy enough, but considering you are required to do 50 strict pull-ups under fatigue, your rounds will become increasingly slower depending on your strict pulling power.

For most, the front squats will be done unbroken as the weight is considered moderate-to-light. The strict pull-ups however will catch most if not all athletes as this will be near impossible to do unbroken over all 5 rounds. Therefore, consider breaking-up each round of pull-ups into multiple sets, 2-3 sets is advised if you are wanting to put up a competitive score.

If smaller sets are required, then do so as even quick singles can be more effective than bigger sets performed with longer rest periods.

This workout is all about raw power, so having some carbs beforehand and even during will help increase your performance.

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