* alternating each minute

Min 1 – 40sec Max Power Cleans @ 80kg | 55kg
Min 2 – 40sec Max Hand-Release Push-Ups
Min 3 – 40sec Max Air Squats

Workout Rationale


Capacity is defined as “the ability to contain or deal with something”.

Longer EMOM workouts, such as this one, are meant to build your capacity for each movement programmed with increasing difficulty as the workout progresses.

EMOM workouts can be programmed in many different ways, this specific format focuses on the athlete’s own ability to perform each movement at a sustainable pace over the course of the workout. The given timeframe of 40sec to work encourages each athlete to find their own pace in the beginning, and then trying to stick to that rep scheme throughout. This is not meant to be a 100% effort in the first couple of rounds and 20% effort towards the later rounds… Rather, start slower and ramp up towards the end if you can. Stay in control.

If you are unsure as to how you should approach this workout, try and hold at least a 65-70% effort for the first half, then consider increasing your effort by another 5-10% if you feel you can.

Your score will be calculated as the total amount of reps performed over the course of 18 minutes. This means you should try and keep score by counting your reps during each minute. You can use a whiteboard or keep a piece of paper nearby or write your reps on the floor with chalk (consult your box owner first before writing on his/her floor).

Previous Workouts


202239: DOUBLE-UP

For time: 21-15-9 Thrusters [ 40kg | 25kg ] 42-30-18 Double Unders To complete the workout, complete 21 thrusters followed by 42 double unders, 15 thrusters followed by 30 double unders and finally 9 thrusters followed by 18 double unders.



202238: TWO-TEN

FOR TIME 21-15-9 Chest-to-Bar Snatch [ 50kg | 35kg ] 40x Double Unders On completion of each round's chest-to-bar and snatches, complete 40 double unders to complete a full round.



202237: MAN WITH BOX

AMRAP 10 6x Man Makers with Dumbells 2x 15kg | 2x 10kg 12x Box Jump Overs with Step-Down 24inch | 20inch


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