DVSN is a modern sportswear company focused on designing and developing functional ready-to-wear apparel, equipment and accessories [ GEAR ].

We are a brand representative of the broader fitness community and established through our love for the community and the sport.

DVSN gear is manufactured using functional materials designed to be comfortable to live and perform in, that’s it. We don’t believe in unsubstantiated marketing claims about sportswear making you fitter or faster, we believe in hard work.

Beyond Basic refers to constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement where no aspect of functional movement is more important than their capacity to move large loads over long distances, and to do so quickly.

© DVSN. Beyond Basic™.

The body of an athlete is different to that of the average sedentary human, and as such traditional apparel and gear need to be reimagined to provide the perfect fit and function. The HYPERTEX development program focuses on the body of the wearer in both the primary and secondary uses of the piece as an integral part of the design process. The intended function ultimately determines textile sourced and the form the piece takes.

©HYPERTEX high-performance product technologies.

Developed using authentic military grade tactical webbing [ TAC-WEB ] and based on the combat tested ladder system and multi-function modular attachments. EXOMOD Load Bearing Platforms feature TAC-WEB to add or remove Modular Gear, combining functionality and versatility, allowing the athlete to approach their training situation minimal and lightweight, or maxed out and all encompassing.

Tailor your gear to your operational style.

©HYPERTEX high-performance product technologies.