DVSN Beyond Basic - White

[ High Performance Clothing ]

DVSN is focused on performance driven clothing and gear, bold and uncompromised. Our apparel is meant for both the everyday life and training. We define our clothes as all-day wear with high performance characteristics. 

In all our tasks, we ask ourselves: What does it take to remain inspired and persistent in our pursuit? The answer lies in the moment. From when we put our tee over our head to when we take it off, we remain diligent in our pursuit of perfection, always chasing the balance between comfort and efficiency.

All DVSN clothes resembles highly technical performance characteristics.

From the initial design through to the selected fabric for each individual garment, DVSN has full control over the process by which our clothes are made, resembling a relaxed and rugged aesthetic.


© DVSN. Beyond Basic™.

The body of an athlete is different to that of the average sedentary human, and as such traditional apparel and gear need to be reimagined to provide the perfect fit and function. The HYPERTEX development program focuses on the body of the wearer in both the primary and secondary uses of the piece as an integral part of the design process. The intended function ultimately determines textile sourced and the form the piece takes.

©HYPERTEX high-performance product technologies.

Developed using authentic military grade tactical webbing [ TAC-WEB ] and based on the combat tested ladder system and multi-function modular attachments. EXOMOD Load Bearing Platforms feature TAC-WEB to add or remove Modular Gear, combining functionality and versatility, allowing the athlete to approach their training situation minimal and lightweight, or maxed out and all encompassing.

Tailor your gear to your operational style.

©HYPERTEX high-performance product technologies.