Look beyond what you can see.
“it serves as a window to the future of what to expect from the Label”

An event or act that leads to another; an introductory range preceding the main range development and drop.

For the 2022 Prologue range, we chose the mantra “look beyond what you can see”, speaking to the range and referencing the new design aesthetic, it serves as a window to the future of what to expect from the Label.

Our Prologue Collection reflects this, both in the campaign imagery and the design inspiration. The Pantones were inspired by vast, dry deserts and misty dense forests. Almost polar opposites if looked at on a surface level, yet only when looked at on a deeper level, beyond what we see, we come to understand that some of these vast and beautiful wastelands were once green and alive, pocketed with lakes, rivers and lush forests.

This mantra not only showcases the range and Label’s direction, but also references something we should all pursue in life. Look beyond your flaws and look beyond others’ flaws, there is so much more. It is easy to focus on imperfections, transcend this, build yourself up, build others up. See each person as the true masterpieces we are, focus on potential and elevate strengths, this takes a truly great person and builds authentic and lasting relationships. The key takeaway, “elevate”.

Be an example
Focus on the bigger picture
Commit to building relationships
Inspire others to reach their potential
Be flexible with others
Respond with love

~ Chris Walton [ DVSN Co-Founder & CEO ]