The information given by DVSN® relating to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and POPI (Protection of Personal Information) is for information purposes only.

DVSN® presents, and undertakes that Personal Data shall comply with the GDPR and POPI in all respects including, but not limited to, its collection, holding, and processing.


Data storage

Data is stored securely in data centres managed by DVSN® in the Republic of South Africa. DVSN® apply perimeter controls and these are unknown. No power critical systems are held in our offices. Fire/flood detection and suppression systems are employed in DVSN®’s offices.

Backup and Security

In terms of security, access to security logs are strictly controlled within our development team, we follow advice from Microsoft as to when security patches should be applied. Authorised support and sales executives have access to your Profile; a smaller set of DVSN® administrator access to our network and server infrastructure.

Data breach

In the event of a data breach, the point of contact from DVSN® is the Chief Operating Officer and Information Officer, and Data Protection Officer. He/she will invoke the data control procedure with the Chief Technical Officer, as required. Then report the breach to the relevant supervisory authority within accordance to the POPI (Act 4 of 2013) of the Republic of South Africa, from the time of the organisation becoming aware of it. DVSN® will notify affected persons within accordance to the POPI (Act 4 of 2013) of the Republic of South Africa, from the time of becoming aware of the breach.

Data retention

Personal information will be retained for the purposes of making a purchase and, if one has opted in for our DVSN® marketing.

At DVSN®, we’ve agreed our data retention period will be 18 months. This means we will delete DVSN® Client profiles after 18 months of inactivity.

Email opt out

Any client who wishes to opt out of DVSN® Marketing can request to do so under the Right to Erasure. DVSN® will execute opt-outs on behalf of clients within ten working days. To action this on clients’ behalf the client must inform DVSN® in writing. Please email info@dvsngear.com to do this.