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“day 3 was all or nothing, as Henry, entered the day with an 8 point deficit…”

Athletic Performance
Athletic performance is a complex trait that is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. Many physical traits help determine an individual’s athletic ability, primarily the strength of muscles used for movement (skeletal muscles) and the predominant type of fibers that compose them.

Athletic performance has four major dimensions: skill, strength, endurance, and recovery. High performance in any sport requires a characteristic blend of these dimensions.  

2021 Recap
Last year, 27 year old Kealan Henry made the trip from France to South Africa to compete at the CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town Semifinals, placing 5th overall. FiCT 2021 was Kealan’s first in-person CrossFit competition, having recently retired from professional level rugby.

Dig Deep
Returning to Cape Town, Kealan had his work cut out for him if he was to challenge CrossFit Games favorite, Jason Smith for the title and the ticket to the 2022 CrossFit Games. Both athletes looked to be in top form coming into the weekend and it was a battle of epic proportions. The two athletes traded blows with each event, in the closest battle for a Semifinal championship so far this season!

Day 1 proved to be all about experience, as Smith took second overall (3:29) in the first event of the day, “Deep End”, over Henry’s third place finish (3:25). Smith backed this up with an impressive third place overall (2:55) to Henry’s sixth place finish (3:03) in the second event of the day “2014 Regional Event 5”, rounding out the day with Smith ahead by 16 points.

Day 2 saw a surge by Henry, taking the overall event win (10:12) in the first event of the day, “Lucky Number 7”, ahead of Smith’s third place finish (11:20), clawing back 8 points. The second event of the day saw both athletes tie at 132kg on the “Barbell Complex”.

Day 3 was all or nothing, as Henry, entering the day with an 8 point deficit quickly turned it into a lead after the opening event. Henry placed fourth (13:41) in the “Stellies Chipper” while Smith faltered and finished eighth (15:45). Needing just to finish ahead of Smith in the final event of the competition “Time for Pudding” to secure his first trip to the Games, Henry placed third (3:41), 0.05 seconds ahead of Smith, who finished eighth (3:45).

Games Bound
Henry eventually edged out CrossFit Games favorite Smith by just eight points to secure his first ticket to the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin! We wish Kealan every blessing in the task ahead, looking forward to his performance at the Games and we hope to keep you updated with his progress.

~ Chris Walton [ DVSN Co-Founder & CEO ]

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