CrossFit Juggernaut is based in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. Head Coach and box owner Justin Swart, a seasoned competitor himself, has built a tight-knit community offering an inclusive, well balanced gym serving both the everyday man and woman, as well as the competitive athlete. Justin’s goal is to provide structure, routine, direction, and fun for his community, while aiming to have his members master the movements in order to remain injury free.

To launch CrossFit Juggernaut, Justin decided to partner with DVSN in order to offer his members and competitors a very special box Jersey, setting the tone for the future of the gym, and making a statement in the community.

When designing the Jersey, we drew inspiration from CrossFit Juggernaut’s brand identity and the use of gold and black. The CrossFit Juggernaut Competitor Jersey captures the spirit of the sport of fitness, while drawing inspiration from the box’s aesthetic and culture. The Jersey is a celebration of fitness, life and the culture of CrossFit Juggernaut.

Visit CrossFit Juggernaut.

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