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DVSN [ pronounced “division” ] is an ambiguous word, chosen to support the meaning behind the letters VS framed in the centre. An abbreviation of “versus”, VS represents the constant battle taking place in our own minds; make progress or make excuses.

In the battle of who you are vs who you want to become, excuses are the white flag of surrender. To defeat the natural tendency to choose the path of least resistance, taking action must become a habit; today, tomorrow and every single day after that.

DVSN represents a division, a new beginning, dividing time into what was before and what is to come – past vs future – complacency vs progress – in the end always you vs you.

We are a premium sportswear company focused on designing and developing functional ready-to-wear apparel, equipment and accessories [ GEAR ] using functional materials designed to be comfortable to live and perform in. We don’t believe in unsubstantiated marketing claims about sportswear making you fitter or faster, we believe in hard work.

The brand’s functional approach is rooted in the founders’ affinity for the sport of CrossFit and high performance lifestyles. The vision was to create a clothing label that you can enjoy wearing anytime, anywhere without sacrificing comfort or range of motion.

The purpose of each piece is versatility; professional enough to be worn at work, hardworking enough to be worn in training and stylish enough to be worn for a night out. The aesthetic of the label is a collision course between sportswear and streetwear, creating a truly unique and premium look and feel.

Based out of Cape Town, the designs worn on the DVSN garments are inspired by multiple subcultures, from Tokyo to California, London to Sydney, each design carries with it artistic expression. At DVSN we are our own customers, we live the lifestyle we perpetuate; we are as authentic as it gets.

The DVSN philosophy celebrates the struggle and the pursuit; motorsport, fitness, surf, skate, whatever your passion, all are welcomed and all respected. Whether it’s a purpose built track monster, hand shaped surfboard or fully rigged out garage-gym – we know there’s no “right way” to do individualism. The DVSN “beyond basic” mantra celebrates mankind’s will to constantly pursue greatness and never-give-up.

This is your division, join us.

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