1. By submitting your photo / video, you agree to allow DVSN use the content in their social media, marketing & promotions.
2. Promotion month starts on the 1st of every month and closes on the last day of every month.
3. Content is posted by DVSN and final winner is decided by the amount of likes on our combined social media presence.
4. Only one winner will be chosen each month.
5. Not all submissions will be posted.
6. Winner must be following the DVSN page.
7. Winner receives a DVSN store voucher. Voucher will be available to purchase any product on our website and has a 12 month expiry.
8. Content MUST have a DVSN product featuring and be related to our industry.
9. DVSN aims to select a winner every month, if however there are not enough quality entries to choose from, DVSN in its sole discretion reserves the right to render said month null and void.