Black Tee - Japanese Streetwear
White T-Shirt with Japanese Print - Kyoto Tradition
Black T-Shirt with Back Print
Small Front Print t-Shirt with Japanese Print
DVSN Black Hoodie - DVSN Special - Exterior Tag
Japanese Jet Tag - Osaka Orange
Black Nylon Jet Tag - Keyring

“the concept pursues a supernatural connection to the soul of the machine”

We are excited to announce the latest DVSN collection, and the introduction to our Driving Vision Special artwork style.

The inspiration for the collection is deeply rooted in our love and appreciation for Japanese car culture, and the community at large. These designs take you into a subculture rich in tradition and history, where style is valued over all.

Car culture is something that has been alluded to as dying out, yet the nostalgia of the 70s, 80s and 90s Japanese automotive style seems to be going through a revival of sorts in the global scene, led mainly by the American market and certain vehicles now being legal for import under the 25 year rule.

We look to capture this bygone era in our Driving Vision designs as it is something that is very close to our hearts. These designs, and those of the future, will take inspiration from the tuning shops, race teams, underground street scene and more…

Welcome to the world of DVSN SPECIAL, we hope you will enjoy the collection with the same passion we put into designing these pieces.