DVSN Beyond Basic - White

[ Premium Sportswear ]

DVSN is a premium sportswear company focused on designing and developing functional ready-to-wear apparel, equipment and accessories [ GEAR ].

DVSN gear is manufactured using functional materials designed to be comfortable to live and perform in, that’s it. We don’t believe in unsubstantiated marketing claims about sportswear making you fitter or faster, we believe in hard work.

Registered in 2020, DVSN is a clothing and dry goods company engineered by brothers Chris and Mike Walton. Pronounced “division”, DVSN is an acronym of “Driving Vision” and reflects our design-driven mentality, free of passing trends and a passion for quality craftsmanship. DVSN is a lifestyle brand inspired by subcultures and rooted in the garages that house them.

Based out of Cape Town, DVSN takes inspiration from multiple subcultures, from the streets of Tokyo to the gymnasiums of California and beaches of Sydney, DVSN is a brand with a worldwide driven vision reflected in the creative freedom expressed in the design pieces.

The DVSN philosophy celebrates the pursuit of fun; motorsport, fitness, surf, skate, whatever your passion, all are welcomed and all respected. Whether it’s a purpose built track monster, hand shaped surfboard or fully rigged out garage-gym – we know there’s no “right way” to do individualism. The DVSN “beyond basic” mantra celebrates mankind’s will to constantly pursue greatness and never-give-up.

This is your division, join us.

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